Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Infectious Emotions

           I came home in a subdued mood today. 'Just Chilled' is what I'd say I felt like. To cut a long story short, I began to listen to some tracks on my phone, and I was was amazed by the way my mood began to change. Now Music is a very powerful force, I'll discuss lyrics some other time, but what was causing this alteration in my emotions was the passion  of the vocalist I was listening to. It felt like she was singing from the very depths of her soul, and that beagn to do something to me - it was infectious. She was singing about happiness, and each time she emitted the words 'Happiness' it felt like they were produced by every living cell in her body.
           Passion is infectious, and even though we might not always be perfect, we can always choose to be passionate - to give everything, specifically, to channel our emotions into what we do. You see, I don't believe we need to fight fear or fight anxiety or fight this emotion or that emotion; I believe all our emotions form active ingredients for the explosive force that constitutes action. A measure of fear, a measure of excitement, a measure of anger or frustration, all equate to passion; I could feel it in that voice I heard today - this lady had managed to channel all her emotions - positive and negative - into one passionate action, and its effect was infectious.

         Romans 12:21 - Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil by doing good.

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